Success Stories

Success Stories

“Our team just attended the Continuous Improvement workshop and I’m sure it’s all set us on the road for Kaizen. As a team, it’s been great to be coached into…
Sam Alderton


Distinctive Wardrobes Solutions

“So, I just finished the session on Continual Improvement. It’s been a fantastic session with the team. And the great thing about it was that all the team can contribute…
David Mew

Service Manager

Centrix Solutions

“I’ve just been invited to attend one of Nina’s sessions and I found it absolutely phenomenal. Nina is a very talented trainer, coach and leader. She knows about leadership and…
Lisa Mitchell

Executive Director

Corporate Transformation Services

“Had the presentation today from Nina. That was absolutely amazing! You talked about many things, but the thing that probably struck me the most was the 8 good behaviors of…
Andrew Leong

Business Owner

EmbroidMe Dandenong

“I’ve just completed the Speed Readin and it’s been immensely beneficial, I feel, and I’m looking forward to going back to university to catch up on my work is I…

Resolution Institute

“We had a great session today about selling skills and it was great to understand a few different skills we can use in presentations. Especially when the client says, don’t…
Mario Sultana


Place New Market

Case Studies

What People Say

“Brainpower Training exceeded our expectations. They bent over backwards to understand our specific training needs and to tailor their Business Writing workshops to our bespoke requirements. I appreciate their professionalism and how easy they are to work with.”

Brian Bowman

Financial Services Human Resources, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

“Very practical, well-paced, tangible results. Keep presenting it to the rest of Workcover.”

Yousif Suliman

Inspector, Workcover

“Well worthwhile, an important tool for the ability to read legislation and industrial instruments.”

V. McDonough

Department of Commerce

“I’ve noticed a marked improvement in our team’s writing, which saves me time. I no longer have to spend as much time being a proof-reader, checking and correcting their mistakes.”

Laurent Fresnel

Consulting Manager, Hostworks

“Good exercises, clear examples, great workbook, excellent variety, knowledgeable facilitator.”

David Elsey

Dept of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

I was impressed and inspired by the content of the training. Often training sessions use theoretical concepts that are rarely used in practice. In contrast I found the practical tools you demonstrated relevant and have used them in many report and business and business writing contexts since.

Emma Whitehead

Program Coordinator, General Practice Queensland

“This session has enabled us as a team to engage in constructive discussions about writing and further improve the documents we send out to our clients and the wider world.”

Martha Travis

HR/IR Manager NSW/ACT, MSS Security

“The workbook was good and easy to work through.”

James Neilsen

Scientist, CSIRO

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