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Yes! Our coaching-style Facilitators deliver customised group training, either face-to-face at your workplace or live online exclusively for your team. For individuals, ask us about the next 30-Day Challenge.

Why work with Brainpower Training

Experienced - Focused on Results - Trusted

Looking for customised training at your workplace?

Have you struggled to find a flexible, quality training provider who invests time to find out your specific training needs so your program is tailored to match?

Brainpower Training delivers a menu of customised or standard face-to-face programs in your workplace Australia-wide (or live online from our studio) with expert Facilitators based in most capital cities.

  • Priority Management
  • Business Writing or Report Writing           
  • Customer Service         
  • Speed Reading             
  • Emotional Intelligence     
  • Presentation Skills 
  • Selling Skills  
  • Experiencing Change (for Individual Contributors)  
  • Stress Management and Resilience
  • Profiles: DiSC ®, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
  • Emerging Leaders: 8 Good Behaviours of a Manager
  • Leadership: half-day series (face-to-face or virtual) monthly 
  • Change Management: Leading People (for managers) 
  • Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team® by Patrick Lencioni
  • Stakeholder Management

Quality Training Solutions for every aspect of Your Business

Customised training that connects to your workplace to give your people the edge.

Priority Management Training Australia

Priority Management training

Manage priorities, avoid distractions, work smarter and get more of the right things done

Do people complain they have too much to do?
Confused by competing priorities?
Do they operate from a task list tracking all their to-dos?
Individuals procrastinating; missing deadlines?
Meetings take up too much time?

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Business Writing Training

Business Writing training

Learn Business Writing skills to improve style and tone and make communication less wordy, more clear and more persuasive.

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Customer Service Training Australia

Customer Service training

Tune up your service to world class, best practice. Learn how to raise the bar to deliver exceptional service

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Leadership Skills Training

Leadership Development

Experience a transformational leadership training workshop or series at your workplace.

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Change Management training

Change Management training

Learn how to lead in a change environment – create resilience and a human-centred change plan.

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Speed Reading Training

Speed Reading training

Slice through your reading pile, win back time and reduce information overload.

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Brainpower Training is focused on results, customised to your outcomes

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For Learners

Offering you the best in soft skills training.


an AITD award-winner for Innovation In Learning

Quality and passion

committed to quality – passionate about learning


reputable organisation providing  quality training for almost 20 years

Quality systems

Australia’s most innovative and results-oriented training company.

For Organizations

Flexible options that are – engaging, relevant, interactive and content-rich.


practical training that meets your business needs


we make it easy for you to do business with us

Program areas

one-stop-shop for your soft skills – national capability


tangible learning outcomes maximise your return on investment


We can include company- or industry- specific scenarios

Getting Started

Discover how we can create a customised training program for your business.


Step One

Book a Free Diagnostic Conversation

Because every client’s needs are different we like to discuss the issues to ensure a good training fit.

Over the phone or on Zoom


Step Two

Brainpower Tailors the Learning Program

Once we have accurately determined your business needs, we customise the required training to ensure enjoyable and effective outcomes


Step Three

The Learning Experience

Our Highly trained facilitators deliver tailored, face-to-face or virtual, online training that’s engaging, fun and focused on the results you want.

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