How to Increase Customer Satisfaction by Fixing Customer Problems

how to increase customer satisfaction

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction by Fixing Customer Problems

What recurring customer problems do you have to deal with in your role?

When was the last time your team made a list of recurring customer problems that cause frustration? And once you had that list, did you brainstorm suggestions to improve that list? That’s exactly what Brainpower Training can do for you and your team with our Customer Service training.


A participant at a Customer Experience Management workshop who worked in the fundraising department of a well-known charity told us that at least twice a week she had to refund a donation. Why? Because the charge on their credit card was not the name of the charity but a name of some other account.

These donors have rung their bank to find out what this unknown charge was, and by the time they ring our number, they are annoyed. By the time they find out who the charge is actually from, they are so off-side, they still want a refund.

So I asked her, ‘How do you think that problem could be fixed?’ 

‘We could change the name as it appears on their statement so they identify straight away the charge is from us.’ It’s just a matter of arranging with the bank to change the account name appearing on a donor’s credit card statement.

When you think about it, that’s two donations a week, and if each donation is around $50, each year that’s around 100 times fifty dollars. And consider, what is the lifetime value of a donor?

If this was the first of a monthly contribution, the lifetime value of one donor might be $600 a year. Losing 100 donors might be a loss to the organisation of as much as $60,000 a year of donor income.

These are the type of customer frustrations hiding in plain sight that are unearthed at our workshops by asking a targeted question, “What recurring customer frustrations do you handle in your role?”

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