The 8 Good Behaviours of a Manager

  • how to empower others by expanding their capabilities
  • learn to think and act like a coach
  • become willing and able to handle difficult conversations
  • how to cultivate a sense of mission and shared vision
  • how to inspire continuous improvement and innovation
  • managing change
  • identifying a team’s core strengths

Brainpower Training is focused on results, customised to your outcomes.

Brainpower Training is on a mission to help leaders transform team culture. We can design and deliver a customised Leadership skills training in your workplace, to help your leaders become more intentional and reflective.

What do the World’s Best Workplaces have in common? They view mistakes as learning opportunities.

In a one-day or half-day workshop, facilitated discussions include:

– how to lead with emotional intelligence
– the 8 good behaviours of a leader
– how to empower others by expanding their capability and teamwork
– how to cultivate a sense of meaning and purpose
– how to connect with the organisation’s mission and vision
– the difference between a manager and a leader
– how to inspire continuous improvement and innovation
– learn how to coach unsatisfactory performance so you change mindset and behaviour
– understand the importance of leading and managing change.

Talk to a training Expert for free

Would it make sense for us to first take a look at the actual issues you’re wanting to solve, then we can see how we can focus training on your specific learning and business-related outcomes?

Simply choose a date and time that suits and whether you prefer telephone or video conference.

We customise onsite training to meet the needs of your business

Whether face-to-face at your workplace or a live online workshop exclusively for your team, we can tailor a program focused on your specific training goals. Ask about our Priority Management 30-Day Challenge, 5-minute microlessons, daily over 30 days; a powerful way to change habits, mindset and behaviours.

People Skills Trainer Australia

Face-to-face Training

With Facilitators based in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth, we deliver workshops face-to-face, in-person at your workplace, Australia-wide.

Online Workshop

Live Online Workshop

Live online workshop with a Certified Virtual Presenter. No boring sit-back-and-listen “webinar” but an interactive masterclass with participant camera/mic enabled, breakout rooms, polls, simple tricks to keep engagement.

Self paced

Self-paced eLearning

For individuals or whole teams, ask about our 30-Day Challenges: 5-minute microlessons a day over 30 days via SMS. Self-directed, self-paced, fun elearning changes habits, mindset and behaviours.

Meet Our Qualified and Experienced Team

Brainpower Training’s high-impact Facilitators ignite your team’s performance with a tailored program focused on your specific training goals.

How important is it that your people walk out of a training session saying, ‘That was great; I learned good things; it was worth my time’?

They are collaborative, coaching-style Facilitators, adept at enthusing participants and inspiring application.

Brainpower Training’s stringent quality control during Facilitator selection and accreditation gives you peace of mind.

Brainpower Training’s Facilitators

  • tertiary qualified plus Cert. IV Workplace Training and Assessment
  • relevant industry track record
  • apply interactive Adult Learning methods to keep participants engaged
  • experienced professional trainers and presenters
  • create rapport with strong presentation skills
  • well-groomed
  • up to date with latest trends in Learning and Development
  • pursue professional development and lifelong learning.
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