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Face-to-face Training

With Facilitators based in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth, we deliver workshops face-to-face, in-person at your workplace, Australia-wide.

Online Workshop

Live Online Workshop

Speed Reading live online over Zoom for individuals. 5 hours of training, presented as 2 x 2.5-hour sessions same day, TUE 18 OCT 2022. Double, Triple your reading rate withOUT loss of comprehension.

Self paced

Self-paced eLearning

SPEED READING ACADEMY – 6 x self-paced modules over 2 hours 30 minutes. How To double or triple (or better) your reading rate or better WithOUT loss of comprehension.

Watch this video < 6.10 > to find out how it’s possible to increase your reading speed significantly by learning techniques to overcome the poor reading habits of:

  • sub-vocalization
  • lack of eye-movement fluency
  • regression
  • fixation

If you spend 30% of your time at work or study reading and you double your reading rate, you’ve just freed up an additional 15% of time for other things — or you can read more in the same amount of time.

We customise onsite training to meet the needs of your business

Whether face-to-face at your workplace or a live online workshop exclusively for your team, we can tailor a program focused on your specific training goals. Ask about our Priority Management 30-Day Challenge, 5-minute microlessons, daily over 30 days; a powerful way to change habits, mindset and behaviours.

Why are Speed Reading Skills important?

  • How many of your people are under pressure to get through mountains of reading that just keep pouring in?
  • Are decisions or tasks delayed because required reading isn’t done? Could they make better-informed decisions? If they doubled or tripled their reading speed without loss of comprehension, how much time daily would that save . . .  an hour? more? (5 hours a week adds up to around 6 full weeks per year.)
  • Speed Reading training is a proven tactic for mastering information overload and can be learned in a day! In our one-day Speed Reading workshop we guarantee to double everyone’s reading rate. Many people increase 3 times or more, without loss of comprehension (measured).

Double your reading speed, guaranteed!

Talk to a training Expert for free

Would it make sense for us to first take a look at the actual issues you’re wanting to solve, then we can see how we can focus training on your specific learning and business-related outcomes?

Simply choose a date and time that suits and whether you prefer telephone or video conference.

Meet Our Qualified and Experienced Team

Brainpower Training’s high-impact Facilitators ignite your team’s performance with a tailored program focused on your specific training goals.

How important is it that your people walk out of a training session saying, ‘That was great; I learned good things; it was worth my time’?

They are collaborative, coaching-style Facilitators, adept at enthusing participants and inspiring application.

Brainpower Training’s stringent quality control during Facilitator selection and accreditation gives you peace of mind.

Brainpower Training’s Facilitators

  • tertiary qualified plus Cert. IV Workplace Training and Assessment
  • relevant industry track record
  • apply interactive Adult Learning methods to keep participants engaged
  • experienced professional trainers and presenters
  • create rapport with strong presentation skills
  • well-groomed
  • up to date with latest trends in Learning and Development
  • pursue professional development and lifelong learning.
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