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Time Smarts: How To Work Smarter and Get More of the Right Things Done’

   Do your people complain they have too much to do in too little time?Are they confused by competing priorities?Does everyone operate from a task list tracking all their to-dos? (Or do they forget to do things?)Are individuals procrastinating and missing deadlines?Do meetings take up too much time?

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‘Maximise your potential and make more out of your day’

Here are some of the things your team will learn in the Brainpower Time Management workshop:

Program content

Managing tasks, priorities and interruptions
  • Overchoice – the overwhelming number of options available to fill our time
  • How to confidently handle competing priorities under pressure
  • Overcoming feelings of being overwhelmed and ‘mind churn’
  • Using a to-do or task list to focus on the ‘next most important thing to do’
  • The art of stress-free productivity and putting first things first
  • Identifying important vs. urgent
  • Managing interruptions and not switching from task to task
  • Telephone escape clauses
Efficiency In The Office
  • What are the top time-wasters and how can we better manage them?
  • 22 ways to manage meetings
  • Time Management Tools (paper-based or digital): diary, daybook,
  • Managing paper with a tickler file
  • Microsoft Outlook tips exchange – using Outlook to its full potential for appointments, tasks, meetings and reminders
  • Email efficiency using flags, categories, rules, and standard reply templates
  • Embracing delegation as a Leadership skill
  • Doing it faster – adequate vs. perfect
Managing Stress
  • Stimulus-gap response, and responding to events with equanimity
  • Work/life balance – making time for fitness, family and time-out
  • How to avoid stress and burnout
  • Using positive, not negative, language, which frames how we view things
  • The art of stress-free productivity and putting first things first
Return on Investment – ROI

Just Imagine . . . If you train 10 people in Time Management, they may each work at least 10% more efficiently. You could save one full-time position, costing perhaps $50,000 per year.

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Time Management training outcomes

On completion of the program participants will know how to:

  • Apply various methods to decide between competing priorities
  • Gain clarity about the next most important thing to do
  • Have systems to handle to-dos, appointments, file notes and meetings
  • Write everything down and use systems so the mind can relax
  • Understand the difference between a project and an action-step
  • Eliminate procrastination by describing to-dos in action steps
  • Appreciate the difference between important and urgent items
  • Create a reliable ‘bring forward’ filing system for time-specific documents
  • Manage interruptions
  • Shorten a phone call, while remaining courteous
  • Analyse workflow and identify if holding onto a task creates a bottleneck
  • Feel okay about what cannot get done in a day, or delegate
  • View delegating as an investment in developing staff
  • Set time-limits on activities
  • Do all of one type of activity in time blocks e.g. all phone calls, all e-mails
  • Avoid ‘grasshopper behaviour’ – jumping form task to task.
  • Concentrate effort on top 20% of priorities which yield an 80% result
  • Identify the one thing they are not doing now, that if they did do, would enhance their sense of happiness, achievement, contribution, and health and fitness
  • Understand the impact of negative and positive self-talk

By understanding each of these areas, they’ll easily get more done in less time.

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Consider this: the super-successful have no more time available to them than anyone else, yet they appear to get more done in less time. That’s because they’ve mastered the habits and tools of successful time management.

They’ve installed systems in their lives to…

track all their ‘To-dos’
stay focused on the next most important thing to do
focus on high-value tasks ahead of low-value tasks
balance their workload with less stress
get more done with more fun
Now your team can master the time management secrets of the super-successful.

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