Report Writing training

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Expires Friday, 23 January, 2015 for workshops scheduled to 28 February, 2015. Training for your team in-house at your workplace from as low as $2297* excl GST per training day.

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Flexible Solutions – Face to Face or Online or Combination of Both

Understanding structure and purpose to create a report style that’s readable and clear

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Do your senior managers waste time proof reading and correcting writing of staff before it goes out to recipients?

Program content

  • Best structure ‘scaffolds’ to match purpose and style of reports
  • How to source and refer to organisation templates for standardised report styles
  • Themes – purpose, content, style, tone
  • Goals – economy, clarity, recommendations
  • Readability index – calculate Fog index applied to own writing sample
  • Refinement – editing tips – makeover of report sample
  • Economy – brevity tricks, omit needless words, avoid qualifiers, active voice
  • Make every word count – avoid repetition and redundancy
  • Using Plain English for greater clarity
  • How to avoid nominalisation (using nouns instead of verbs); correct use of bullets
  • Empathy, tone and courtesy; how to avoid using too much first person ‘I’
  • Register – comparing standard, formal and informal register
  • Grammar – common grammar and punctuation mistakes, new usage rules
  • Punctuation – commas, apostrophes, contractions
  • Getting started – avoid writer’s block using memory mapping, free writing,
  • E-mail – formatting for readability, style and ‘netiquette’
  • Respect – vocabulary for gender, race and disability
  • Readability – best fonts and layout for online and paper-based material

By understanding and mastering each of these areas, your people will be able to compose more effective workplace documents and reports in a variety of business situations.

Report Writing training outcomes

On completion of the program participants will know how to:

  • use our makeover checklist to proofread and edit their writing, improving readability
  • refer to organisation-specific templates and style guides
  • express clearly using fewer words, Plain English and eliminate repetition in writing
  • organise reports with a clearly recognisable purpose and structure
  • vary structure to match purpose based on a toolkit of thematic report structures
  • crystalise the purpose of the report in a concise Executive Summary
  • write recommendations that are clear, actionable and specific, and that make sense as solutions to issues mentioned in the report.

What do people say about our Report Writing workshop?

‘Thank you for presenting Report Writing’ to our company recently. I’ve noticed a marked improvement in our team’s writing, which saves me time. I no longer have to spend as much time being a proof-reader, checking and correcting their mistakes.

Attendees commented to me it was by far the best training they attended over the past several years and were eager to have more of them.’

Laurent Fresnel, Consulting Manager, Hostworks